Data for good builds opportunity for everyone, everywhere

You have a transformation story in your data. Let’s discover it, find what’s working, and keep making progress—for everyone’s benefit.

Strategic Sustainability Initiatives

Because every action matters, our participation counts and so does yours. We support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations through our entire program. We’re building partnerships and invite your organization to join our sustainability initiatives, so together, we thrive.

  • Climate Program Image

    Climate Program

    By combining our voices and expertise with the strong action on climate change, we are helping uncover opportunities for energy reduction, supply chain optimization, reuse, and resource conservation. Help us build on our work with global leaders in the UN and C40 Cities to drive true sustainable change through applications that protect our planet.

  • Water Security Image

    Water Security

    We welcome innovators into our empowered groups using data to develop strategies to preserve and make sustainable use of water worldwide. From visual dashboards showing availability and consumption to emerging businesses like using sensors to efficiently use water for agriculture, we believe data will help preserve this precious resource.

  • Global Health Systems Strengthening Program Image

    Global Health Strengthening

    Everyone wins when we work together to prevent, detect, and respond quickly to health-related crises, and strengthen systems worldwide for health security. We encourage you to join together with our Private Sector Roundtable (PSRT) team and our other initiatives to unite data for greater collaboration and stronger, more effective solutions.

“The urgency of the climate crisis means that city leaders must use every tool available to them to tackle the threats of climate change, with data among the most critical.”

– Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Technology Grants

Your data has a unique story. By discovering it with our software, you can do more of what’s working to drive your mission forward. Connect with us and innovate faster by taking advantage of free or discounted licenses and free training for qualified nonprofits.

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Employee Programs Image

Employee Programs

A commitment to the greater good requires everyone to get involved when it comes to solving the world’s hardest problems. Our employees jump in with both feet. They go above and beyond for partners, customers, and nonprofits, putting themselves forward as the faces of our social-good mission:

  • Helping our technology grant recipients with skills-based service
  • Hosting field mission trips to vulnerable areas
  • Regularly donating skills during Volunteer Days in support of local philanthropic and environmental causes around the world